A brief about Kamel Food

Kamel Food for Trading and Marketing was established in 1990 to be one of the pioneers in the field of trading and marketing international and quality food products and which effectively and uniquely contributes in the development process

The company has established a list of principles and targets to achieve, and clients come first in our priorities. . Kamel Food has worked to attract and have large number of client in all Yemeni governorates.  The Company also works to achieve full satisfaction and establish strong business relationship with our clients by ensuring the highest food quality products being provided.

The company has also adopted the principle of flexibility and smooth business activities with all our clients. This has distinguished us as a pioneer in the business of selling, marketing and distribution of food products in the Yemeni market.

At Kamel Food, we are proud to have a skilled team with long experience in the field of marketing and sales.

The Company also has a modern fleet of transportation vehicles of different sizes

We also have large warehouses professionally designed using modern construction technology and which ensures preserving different food products in a safe and enable us to comply with high standard regulations.