Our Services

The company adopts different modern strategies in various functional areas of
the Company activities. To list some:

 Technical selection of international products for the local market based on qualit and cost effectiveness

 Provide exceptional products to create a developed and multi-choice consumer environment that fulfils the needs of Yemeni consumers.

 Continue to studies and marketing researches for local markets and new products
     in the international market.

 Continue to develop our workforce administrative and field skills in commercial
     and industrial sectors.

 Adopt latest information technology techniques in the area of planning, organizing
    and running our administrative and financial systems.

 Plan and execute modern and versatile marketing plans for the local market

 Continuous upgrade of Company distribution plans to reach more consumers.

 Support our distribution plans by establishing a distribution fleet of highest standard
    and various sizes equipped with modern storage features to ensure our products
    reach the end-customers with highest market standards.

 Expand the construction of modern dry, cooled and frozen storage areas and continue
    to construct industrial facilities to increase the quality of our industrial products.