Our Principles

With the support of our clients, we emerged until we stablished a large number of clients in various governments, industrial and trading sectors.

Kamel Food is a Yemeni Company established with Yemeni capital to contribute in the development of local economy and benefit the Yemeni citizens with the help of high trained Yemeni workforce.  Kamel Food is specialized in production and marketing of high quality and cost effective food products.

Our Vision

To distinguish ourselves both qualitatively and quantitatively by means of providing industrial products and marketing services for international food products. We are confident that we can achieve our targets by ensuring continuous development of our workforce to meet international standards.


 Continue to be a pioneer in marketing services of international products in the local
     and regional markets.

 Continue to increase a higher market share by means of providing quality products and services.

 Effective contribution in the development of commercial and industrial sectors in Yemen.


 Quality is our main factor to distinguish ourselves from competitors

 Honesty and professional business attitude

 Our professional employees are the most important asset we have in the Company

 Continue to develop communication techniques with the international market